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We Are Dedicated To Making Our Athletics Programs A Success

Boosters play a pivotal role in providing student-athletes with a positive experience through their services  and philanthropy efforts. We support sports teams and athletics departments through donations of time and financial resources which help student-athletes succeed on and off the playing field. Why Give?

There are significant benefits in booster support of athletics. Research has shown the following benefits derived from a Boosters supported and funded Department of Athletics one immediate reference is (Book: 15 Sports Myths and Why They’re Wrong by Rodney Fort and Jason Winfree, 2013): 

  There is greater giving by alumni and boosters to the University’s General Fund
  There is a larger and better set of student applicants
  There is favorable general budget treatment by legislators
  There is value added to athletes, and many of whom would not be at the university without athletics

FAMU Athletics is no longer funded with traditional student education dollars as it has been determined that athletics is not an inherent educational function.  As such, FAMU  Athletics received insufficient support of the Departments cost for student-athletes and sports personnel, and no dollars in support of sports facilities.  That includes the athletic equipment and athletic facilities – all of which enables the athletes preparation and game day requirements.  The support enables a litany of sports programs to thrive such as football, basketball, baseball, golf, track, tennis, swimming etc. Coaches’ skyrocketing salaries, lavish training facilities, state-of-the-art stadiums and arenas and the cost of student-athletics continue to increase.  To keep up with the academic and sports competition, and enabled Boosters have been proven to be the difference. FAMU needs all hands-on deck! 

Today, hundreds of colleges and universities around the country in divisions thrive on the success of their sports programs which lead to attracting some of the highest rated student scholars. This is accomplished through the acumen of their sports program.  For Florida A and M University to continue to thrive, it needs increased funding supporting the Athletics department.  General dollars to the university will not properly sustain FAMU athletics.  Therefore, the FAMU Rattler Boosters organization has formed and energized to fill this void. This appeal is to like minded Rattlers who cherish the present and future legacy of FAMU. 

Protecting the legacy of FAMU sports history is as dear to us as any national treasure. Your acumen for donations and sustained memberships assure that the University’s legacy and winning tradition will continue – standing not beside but about the competition. 

We appeal to you to give to our shared values – accordingly. 

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 Rattlers Strike, Strike, and Strike Again!!!! 

Who We Are

A tradition of success for over 80,000 alumni and graduates across the United States and internationally

What We Do

We support and facilitate our interscholastic athletic program at Florida A & M University

What’s Happening Now

Rattler Boosters and the Athletic Dept. Announces – Virtual Sports 2020 Kick Off Fundraising and Celebration