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Rattlers Strike and Strike, and Strike Again!!!!

The FAMU Rattler Boosters were founded with a primary mission of supporting and facilitating the interscholastic athletic programs at Florida A & M University.  The Boosters support covers athletic facilities and all student-athletes participating in 16 different sports. The Rattler Boosters work primarily with the Vice President of Athletics and the President of the University and the Board of Board of Trustees to carry out our mission.   


  Promote the highest standard of athletic competition and sportsmanship
  Raise funds to support ALL sports at FAMU
  Stimulate local and national community support and spirit for FAMU athletics
  Identify areas where support and funding are needed

Where does the money go: 

Funds raised by The Rattler Boosters are received through the University Foundation accounts and distributed to the Department of Athletics for facilities, scholarships for student-athletes, and FAMU’s intercollegiate sports teams based on priorities and processes established by the Vice President of Athletics and  University.  Booster grants or donation priorities are approved by the Athletic Department in advance and then reviewed by the FAMU Rattler Boosters Board of Directors.   

Click here for our membership page and areas of  donations. 

In addition, Boosters donations include support for training equipment, broader programs such as a study hall for student-athletics, an athletic medical trainer, weight and conditioning programs, and leadership programs for students-athletes.  

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Why Give

Student athletes positive experiences are enforced through Boosters services and philanthropy efforts

What We Do

We support and facilitate our interscholastic athletic program at Florida A & M University

What’s Happening Now

Rattler Boosters and the Athletic Dept. Announces – Virtual Sports 2020 Kick Off Fundraising and Celebration